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First Few Watercolor Pieces

Posted on January 27th, 2017

So for Christmas I got myself a really nice set of watercolors from Daniel Smith. It took a week to set up and I have like one picture of that process. But I’m here to put up my first month’s watercolor art pieces. Hopefully over time I will make some sort of progress. Woo two blog posts in one day because I’m unpredictable as fuck WHOA!

First I had to fill up my half pans. Done at an angle so my brush would sweep over the whole surface and not make a well in the center. This is to save the brush and prolong its life. I care because I got a fancy brush and they’re not cheap (Kolinsky sable). If anyone wants to know the colors I got and the brush just let me know in a comment.

This was all inspired by a December (maybe November) watercolor I did with Brandon.

So I got a little watercolor sketchbook and I’m working on filling it up 🙂