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Posted on May 16th, 2016

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Members Only // Back from the Dead

Posted on May 10th, 2016

I used to hear stores from my parents of what was cool in the 80’s. Among the Topsider’s and Ray-Ban’s were Members Only jackets. I knew they used to be cool, but didn’t see them coming back any time soon. Oh dear have they returned, and with some serious style. They have the Members Only Racer originals and some of the sleekest modern jackets I’ve seen outside haute couture. It’s totally worth checking out the new collection.

For a brand that was once the peak of 80’s style to come back with such a new, updated take on themselves is so exciting, and also refreshing! I’m so over retro shit! I want some good names, some companies that know what they’re doing, to surprise me, and that is exactly what Members Only did. Members Only is killing it and I can’t wait to see people’s responses.

members only racer team jacket black

Who doesn’t love chic branding? Love the black, Racer Team Jacket

And the fact that they’re all paired with some Converse hightops really seals the deal for me.

Tea & Crumpets,

KTea ❤

Valentino // Dilemma

Posted on May 4th, 2016

Trying to find the perfect new Valentino sandals before summer hits.valentino shoe comparison

valentino shoes together legs

woman_shoes_love-latch Valentino

Which ones??? I have come across the cutest Valentino strappy sandals while browsing the newly added lists of Net-A-Porter, Forzieri, etc. from the “Love Latch” collection. These heels are seriously to die for. I am loving the tiny eyelets along the straps. I just cant decide! I like the starburst in the center of the Patent, but I like how the Ankle Strap isn’t so shiny (yea, i like the boring matte leather). I like that the ankle goes up higher on the Ankle Strap, but I like that the Patent has the higher heel. They’re both amazing shoes and I’d be lucky to have either of them. Let me know which ones you like better, I’m dying being on the fence. Gotta love Valentino.