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Posted on August 7th, 2015

This past month was been stressful and awesome all at the same time. On a personal note, I learned who my true friends are and got a 104 fever, and on a work note, I realized I have been SO TOTALLY LAME and not posting anything anywhere!!!!!

I met a boy. This boy has so much energy and such a passion for life. I feel so charged, filled with potential, and happy any time I think about him! Ahh young love, it’s truly magical. <3 With this new found energy, I am having tonnes of creative ideas and I know there’s no glory in the process, BUT I just need to put the ideas out there so maybe I’ll follow through! It’s a hope…

IDEA 1: an Etsy shop

I really want to make an Etsy shop for craft supply kits for specific art projects! Want to make a super cute thing? Here is literally all the stuff you need to make it!

IDEA 2: a USC Astronomy Club

We would meet at Griffith and it would just rock and ahh I want this to happen so badly!!!

IDEA 3: creative way to bring my bunny to USC

So I’m pretty sure pets aren’t allowed at Tuscany but I want to bring my sweet little bunnt with me! I would need to make her not smell nasty, not pee everywhere, and not be in anyone’s way.

Hoping all of these work out!! Rush school starts on Thursday for Theta so we will see what happens with my life after 3 weeks of cult brainwashing. I hope I can at least remember to take pics so I can post a room tour once it’s all set up!

Tea & Crumpets,

KTea ❤